The Art of War

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We also offer the actual paper book at a very reasonable price. No book collection, whether big or small is complete without a copy of The Art of War. Our edition contains the English translation by Dr. Lionel Giles and has been divided in two parts. The first part of the book contains the thirteen chapters by Sun Tzu, without notes, comments or interruptions of any kind.  The second part contains the thirteen chapters again but this time including the legendary comments and notes by Dr. Giles. The two parts make this book your best option for enjoying The Art of War with and without commentary.

Although the text by Sun Tzu was written 2500 years ago it was practically unknown in Europe until 1782 when the French Jesuit Father Joseph Amiot translated it to French. This translation in the words of Giles, "contains a great deal that Sun Tzu did not write, and very little indeed of what he did". The first translation to English was published in 1905 by E.F. Calthrop and the opinion of Giles was not more forgiving this time: "It is not merely a question of downright blunders, from which none can hope to be wholly exempt. Omissions were frequent; hard passages were willfully distorted or slurred over. Such offenses are less pardonable. They would not be tolerated in any edition of a Latin or Greek classic, and a similar standard of honesty ought to be insisted upon in translations from Chinese."

“ Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.”
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Art of War
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