Art of War - The Thirteen Chapters

Without Commentaries and Notes

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Art of War
Sun Tzu
Art of War by Sun Tzu - 256 pages
Notes by Dr. Lionel Giles
Published by Michael Magnusson
ISBN/EAN13: 1479139750 / 9781479139750
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We also offer the actual paper book at a very reasonable price. No book collection, whether big or small is complete without a copy of The Art of War. Our edition contains the English translation by Dr. Lionel Giles and has been divided in two parts. The first part of the book contains the thirteen chapters by Sun Tzu, without notes, comments or interruptions of any kind.  The second part contains the thirteen chapters again but this time including the legendary comments and notes by Dr. Giles. The two parts make this book your best option for enjoying the Art of War with or without commentary.
Chapter I: Laying Plans Chapter II: Waging War Chapter III: Attack by Stratagem Chapter IV: Tactical Dispositions Chapter V: Energy Chapter VI: Weak Points and Strong Chapter VII: Maneuvering Chapter VIII: Variation in Tactics Chapter IX: The Army on the March Chapter X: Terrain Chapter XI: The Nine Situations Chapter XII: The Attack by Fire Chapter XIII: The Use of Spies
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