The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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A note from the Publisher of “Art of War - The Thirteen Chapters”,
Michael Magnusson:

“I came up with the idea to publish this book after searching for a copy of The Art of War on the Internet, not being able to find the work in the shape and form I had in mind. This might seem odd since the text by Sun Tzu as well as the legendary introduction, commentary and notes by Dr. Lionel Giles (1875-1958), assistant curator at the British Museum and Keeper of the Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books, are in the public domain. The text is offered for free in e-book format on literally hundreds of web sites and there are also numerous printed versions available in online bookstores. I have nothing against e-books as such but in this case I wanted a proper paper book to keep in my personal library. I also noticed that most e-books published online were impossibly formatted copy and paste creations resulting in a rather unpleasant reading experience. What I was looking for was fairly simple one would think. I wanted a paper book with two parts, the first with the Thirteen Chapters by Sun Tzu uninterrupted by notes and commentaries, and the second part with the complete work of Sun Tzu incorporating the notes by Giles. Sometimes I like to read Sun Tzu without having the text broken up by notes and sometimes I want to read the work together with the notes by Giles, as simple as that. With the risk of being considered rather particular I also admit that I had a preference for a simple clean book cover free of any dragons, bamboo sticks or Yin-Yang symbols.”
“ Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.”
The Book
Art of War
Sun Tzu
Art of War by Sun Tzu - 256 pages
Notes by Dr. Lionel Giles
Published by Michael Magnusson
ISBN/EAN13: 1479139750 / 9781479139750
Price: US$ 12.50 - Worldwide Shipping
The first part of the book contains the thirteen chapters by Sun Tzu, without notes, comments or interruptions of any kind. The second part contains the thirteen chapters again but this time including the legendary comments and notes by Dr. Giles. The two parts makes this book your best option for enjoying The Art of War with and without commentary.

Although the text by Sun Tzu was written 2500 years ago it was practically unknown in Europe until 1782 when the French Jesuit Father Joseph Amiot translated it to French. This translation in the words of Giles, "contains a great deal that Sun Tzu did not write, and very little indeed of what he did". The first translation to English was published in 1905 by E.F. Calthrop and the opinion of Giles was not more forgiving this time: "It is not merely a question of downright blunders, from which none can hope to be wholly exempt. Omissions were frequent; hard passages were willfully distorted or slurred over. Such offenses are less pardonable. They would not be tolerated in any edition of a Latin or Greek classic, and a similar standard of honesty ought to be insisted upon in translations from Chinese."

In 1908 Calthrop published a new translation which had many of the errors corrected but new ones had been created in the process. Giles explained his decision to translate the work: "It was not undertaken out of any inflated estimate of my own powers; but I could not help feeling that Sun Tzu deserved a better fate than had befallen him, and I knew that, at any rate, I could hardly fail to improve on the work of my predecessors”.

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